Terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to payment for parking or passage on a toll road.

You must accept the terms and conditions in order to complete any payment on the website.

Purchase and use of products.

When purchasing or activating products on our website, the product’s validity period will not be retroactive. This also applies to the purchase and addition of extra vehicles to an already paid product.

The end time of the validity period is applicable to all vehicles associated with a product.

Changing the vehicle associated with a product must be done before a payment claim for parking or toll passage is created for the relevant vehicle. For further information, please contact the operator of the relevant toll road or parking lot.

Right of withdrawal.

There are information signs at the entrance to the area. Upon entering, your car is registered by a camera and license plate recognition system. This generates a payment for this parking or passage by toll road. Therefore, there is no way to cancel the use of the service.


It is not possible to cancel the registration after the license plate has been read by the camera and license plate recognition system.


The price for the passage or parking is calculated from the current tariff on the specific parking area or toll road.


Payment can be made at www.passpay.no, using a parking machine if one is available on site or upon receiving an invoice. Everyone is encouraged to check the specific location for info on payment options and price.
Payment with card. The payment solution used is provided by Nets. Nets provides you with a secure and user-friendly payment solution which makes it safe and easy for you to pay with Visa or MasterCard


If there is basis for a complaint, please contact the owner of the car park or toll road. In the event of a complaint about an invoice received, please contact the invoice sender. Contact info is on the invoice.