About PassPay

With PassPay you are choosing the market’s most technologically advanced payment solution/system for passing toll points/stations. With the help of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), you can choose to pay for toll station usage either by payment machines, online or by automatic invoicing. Choose from either standard or customized solutions – PassPay can also be supplied with physical boom barriers!

For Toll-Road teams

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We help you find the best solutions and will send you a proposal and a non-binding offer. Thereafter we take care of agreements with third party suppliers and telecommunications companies. We are the driving force through the entire project following up with all necessary parties.

Enjoy your new PassPay solution.

While we are working on the set-up of your system and agreements, we will send you suggestions regarding the placement of equipment and relevant foundation drawings. The equipment will be ready for use directly after installation.

Can be combined with

  • NorBill 7000 – an on-site payment machine that enables quick and easy payment for customers.
  • N&D 36Xtreme – a quick and robust boom barrier that, together with NorBill 7000, ensures that everyone pays.
  • NorTell 200 – a counting system that ensures an overview of available spaces and reduces time spent driving around searching for an available space.
  • NorEye 4 – camera surveillance for up to four cameras with HDD recorders and an app to increase security and reduce damage.

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